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Visitor Management

Visitor Management System is a dependable and cost effective visitor management application that enables an organization to manage and track visitors throughout its facilities, using standard desktop technology.


User-Definable Visitor Fields/Category
Prescheduled Visits Visitor and Visit Tracking
Advanced Visit Activity User Interface
Complete Reporting Capabilities
Reduced Total Cost of deployment
Integration with E-Mail Systems

Canteen Management

Canteen management is a fully integrated, network able Canteen Point of Sale Management System designed to simplify and enhance canteen management. This card-based system, utilizing existing employee access cards that are linked to valid employee accounts, offers a reliable method of payment while the resulting cashless environment ensures increased security.
This cashless environment eliminates the necessity of physical cash reconciliation and dramatically enhances the transaction process at the Point-of-Sale.


Does away with hard 'cash' in your canteen environment thus eliminating unnecessary security risks
Eliminates the timorous cashing up & reconciling process at every day end
Has optional 'self-service' cash loader for uploading credit
Daily or monthly limits can be set up on account transactions
Card holders image can be stored and displayed at the POS terminal
Card balances are available at all times, with or without the card
Systems are online and therefore there is no need to shut down the operation to do updates

Vehicle Identification Solutions

Long range vehicle identification from distances up to 10 meters (33 feet) even when a vehicle is traveling at high speed.


Read range up to 10m [33 ft].
Object speed up to 200 km/h [125 mph].
Well defined adjustable read range
Integration of personnel access bad.
Driver based vehicle identification

Parking Management

From single entrance surface lots to multi-tiered parking garage structures, Time and Parking Controls provides security and traffic control via barrier gates, swing gates, and slide gates. The options range from standalone to fully automated on-line systems that control and track lot space counting and revenue.

Logical Access

Logical access controls are protection mechanisms that limit users' access to information and restrict their forms of access on the system to only what is appropriate for them. Logical access controls are often built into the operating system, or may be part of the "logic" of applications programs or major utilities, such as Database Management Systems. They may also be implemented in add-on security packages that are installed into an operating system; such packages are available for a variety of systems, including PCs and mainframes. Additionally, logical access controls may be present in specialized Components that regulate communications between computers and networks

Logical Access Mode:

Smart Card
Biometric authentication
Asset Management
Laptop Tracking System


Benefits :
Pure digital system:

Top quality recordings
Easy maintenance
Freedom from changing tapes
No cumbersome storage of tapes

Network based system:

Run multiple cameras via the same cable / Ether net
Cover larger areas more efficient.
Connect via the Internet for remote access
Better scalable and performance

NVR Management Software Features:

Embedded smart guard system to handle unusual events and instant notification actions
GUI interface to setup recording schedule without limitation.
Smart Search for motion , missing object, foreign object and more events
Dual Monitor for optimal surveillance

More Features :

Support IP cameras up to 64 channels or more by different package
Support whole series products of ACTi, Arecont Vision, AXIS, Etrovision, IQinvision, Lumenera, Panasonic, PiXORD, Qmik, SONY, VIVOTEK, ZAVIO and more network cameras
Utilizing complete functions supplied by IP cameras and easy configuration
Support intelligent detecting motion, missing object, foreign object, lose focus and camera occlusion
Dual monitor support for viewing live video and playback simultaneously
Embedded video enhancement tools when playback to improve image clarity in poor visibility conditions
Printing and image/video export of evidence
Complete system and event log database
Enables manual control ,preset and patrol of PTZ and dome camera
Enable I/O connection on cameras
Remote access from windows application or web browser
Built-in web server for connection from web browser

Fire Alarm and Detection System

We specialize in designing conventional as well as addressable type of Fire Alarm & Detection System for small / medium / large commercial / industrial establishments including high rise buildings, hotel, hospitals and corporate business houses. We provide addressable fire alarm system, conventional fire alarm system, fire alarm system, safety fire alarm system, etc. Addressable fire alarm systems offer benefits in speed of detection, identification of the location of a fire and easier maintenance. Addressable fire alarm systems also offer tolerance to faults in the system wiring, which allows a single pair of wires to be used to connect up to 200 devices to the system, allowing cost savings in the wiring of large systems. In larger installations, the benefits of improved maintenance and reduced cabling cost are overwhelming. The price difference between Addressable systems and conventional systems has narrowed to such an extent that even for small installations, the use of an Addressable fire alarm system should be considered. System & Services

Addressable Fire Alarm System
Conventional Fire Alarm System
Water Leak Detection
Gas Suppression System
Aspersion System

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is a very strong tool of any office. Following solution can be provided on Video Conferencing platform. (ISDN/IP). Desktop (Video Phone):-

Desktop (Video Phones) are usually portable devices, meant for single users, have fixed cameras, microphones and loudspeakers integrated into the console.

Room System (Point to Point):-

Room Systems are designed for video conferences where a large number of people will be viewing or participating (for example, training sessions, group meetings, etc.). Rooms are dedicated for video conferencing with multiple monitors and cameras usually built in to the walls. These rooms are usually custom-designed specifically for this application

Multipoint Video Conferencing:-

Simultaneous video conferencing among three or more remote points is possible by means of a Multipoint Control Unit (MCU). This is a bridge that interconnects calls from several sources (in a similar way to the audio conference call). All parties call the MCU unit, or the MCU unit can also call the parties which are going to participate, in sequence. There are MCU bridges for IP and ISDN-based video conferencing. There are MCUs which are pure software, and others which are a combination of hardware and software. An MCU is characterized according to the number of simultaneous calls it can handle. MCUs can be stand-alone hardware devices, or they can be embedded into dedicated VTC units.

Components of Video Conferencing :-

Video Conferencing Codec's (Desktop/Room)
Monitor (TV, Plasma, Video wall)
Document Camera

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